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Thrilling Thailand

5 Nights & 6 Days

Starting From - 15400

Pattaya - Bangkok

Relaxing Thailand

6 Nights & 7 Days

Starting From - 15400

Phuket - Bangkok


For the visitor, it is immediately apparent that the Thai people are friendly, hospitable and of a happy disposition. They are extremely proud of the fact they are the only country in the region which was never colonised. This factor also means that sometimes their English language skills are not as good as say in Malaysia or nearby Singapore. Neither is their general knowledge of the World around them but they possess a warm and welcoming national character. Thailand generally does not have such strict law enforcement as visitors might experience in their home countries and the semi-wild west element of nightlife in Bangkok appeals to many who arrive. On the other hand the country and Bangkok are relatively safe for visitors and acts of terrorism do not usually occur except in the very remote southern corner of the country where there is an on-going Muslim insurgency.

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